Simon's Philosophy

Simon Ourian M.D.'s Philosophy

Discover the Art and Science of Beauty.

Simon decided to pursue a career in medicine and was able to combine his two passions, science and art, by re-defining the practice of cosmetic dermatology. To this day, he approaches each client with the eye of an artist and the mindset of a scientist, combining the latest skincare technology with the goal of resurfacing and enhancing the face’s natural beauty.

The Epione Clinic's Success

Transforming Hollywood, One Face at a Time.

In 1998, Simon first opened the doors to his now legendary Epione clinic in the epicenter of glamour and glitz in Beverly Hills, offering ground-breaking treatments to Hollywood’s elite. Over the years, he has gained the trust of numerous Hollywood stars and megastars like the Kardashian-Jenner family, as well as Victoria's Secret models such as Jasmine Tookes, actresses like Megan Fox, and pop stars such as Lady Gaga.

Bringing The Clinic Home

Reveal Your Natural Beauty with MDO Products.

Simon believes that everyone is born with beautiful skin. His goal is to enhance the natural beauty that was always there! Great skincare results are only meaningful when they give you that extra boost of confidence. Simon’s ambition today is to provide women with the treatments, products, and tools they need to achieve rejuvenated, radiant, and healthy skin in the comfort of their own homes. Focusing on natural and vegan resources, all MDO products work effectively not only to optimize the look and feel of your skin but your overall skin's health. MDO is the secret to healthy, beautiful skin.

What is the idea behind MDO?

The essence of MDO lies in unlocking your skin's true potential, no matter where you are. Simon Ourian M.D.'s vision centers on the belief that every individual is born with inherent, beautiful skin. With MDO, his vision comes to life, providing women with the treatments, products, and tools they need to achieve their most radiant and confident selves.

Simon about different Skin Types

25 Years of Expertise in Every Bottle

Unlocking Beauty Through Science

Trust in Simon Ourian M.D.'s 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology for your skincare needs. Our MDO products are tailored to combat uneven skin tone, signs of aging, blemishes, dry skin, sensitive skin, and excess oil. Each MDO product represents the culmination of his expertise. Discover your path to radiant, healthier skin by watching Simon Ourian M.D. as he answers questions about different skin types and how MDO products cater to individual needs.