Facial Sculpting Wand
Facial Sculpting Wand
Facial Sculpting Wand

Facial Sculpting Wand

The FACIAL SCULPTING WAND uses the latest technology to give the skin a fresher, firmer and lifted look.

The FACIAL SCULPTING WAND will also boost the effectiveness of other MDO products.

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Facial Sculpting Wand

Facial Sculpting Wand


Our MDO FACIAL SCULPTING WAND uses the latest technology to produces 6000 vibrations per minute to massage the facial muscles and sculpt the most visible areas of the face, neck, chin and jawline.

Suitable for all skin types and daily use.



+ Ergonomic design that makes very easy to use 

+ 6000 vibrations per minute to promote blood circulation 

+ Check our IG filter and learn how to use the wand easily 

Does the Sculpting Wand need a gel or a cream or can I use it on my bare skin?  

Both, you can use the Sculpting Wand on a bare skin or with our Intense Hydrating Moisturizer and ampoules concentrate to boost their absorption.

Full Ingredient List

  • Ergonomic design
  • Material: Metal, ABC (electro-plating)
  • Size: 15.5cm/6.1''
  • Frequency: 6000rpm
  • 1 AA battery is required and not included
How to Use

Step 1. Cleanse and dry your skin. Make sure to remove all make-up.

Step 2. Apply your favorite ampoule or a small amount of moisturizer to your face, neck and décolleté.

Step 3. Start at the jawline and place the Sculpting Wand on your skin.

Step 4. Gently push the bar upwards along your cheek bones towards your temples.

Step 5. Repeat movement until the ampoule or moisturizer has been fully absorbed and move to the next area.

Step 6. An upwards movement promotes a lifting effect. Avoid pushing downwards.

Step 7. After use cleanse the wand with warm water and use a dry cloth to dry completely.

Step 8. Store the wand at room temperature and dry environment

Use for 10-15 minutes daily for optimal results.

Simon Says: Use it in combination with our MDO Skincare solutions (e.g. Ampoules or Intense Hydrating Moisturizer) for a deeper absorption.


The Facial Sculpting Wand massaging vibrations will instantly relax the facial muscles and release tension.

+ Restore firmness

+ Improve skin’s elasticity

+ Boost the effectiveness of our ampoules concentrates

+ Promote a lifted and fresher appearance

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