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Product Use

MDO products are suitable for all skin types. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin and/or are unsure please consult with your doctor or contact Simon Ourian M.D. here.

The MDO Skin Transforming Kit treatment can be used in the morning or in the evening. If you use the treatment in the AM, please make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater during the day, as the The Exfoliant may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.

Depending on your skin type, the MDO Skin Transforming Kit can be used as a daily routine or as a 28-day treatment. For sensitive skin we recommend four treatments per year.

If used correctly – once a week over four weeks for a maximum of 10 min per treatment – The Exfoliant is suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin, it's best to test the Exfoliant first. Please refer to our application instructions available on the respective product page.

Dear Moms-to-be – please make sure to discuss your skincare products and routines with your trusted gynaecologist. In general, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid vitamin A, essential oils and caffeine, as well as metabolism stimulating treatments and also products that reduce the skin’s sensitivity to light. Accordingly, The Exfoliant is not suitable for use during pregnancy, as chemical peels in general can reduce the skin's sensitivity to light.

If you have dry skin, we recommend applying a hydrating moisturizer after The Serum.

Yes, our Ampoules concentrates can be use on a regular based except our Vitamin C Glow ampoules (for this particular product we recommend using a weekly treatment once a month, or 3 weeks consecutive maximum and then having a long break before using again).

Our MDO Hyaluronic Filler and EGF Ampoules can be used either as a weekly treatment you can repeat multiple times per year or continuously as a hydration, filling, and anti-aging Booster within your daily skincare routine. Our Vitamin C ampoule are perfect treat pigmentation, dark spots and dull skin for a duration of max. 3 consecutive weeks, as some skin-types can become sensitive to the Vitamin C with longer-term use.You can repeat multiple times per year with a month break between treatments.

MDO by Simon Ourian M.D. product have been developed to target specific skin concerns sush as dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive uneven skin types. You can find product for your specific skin concern here

Even though our products are clean and safe, if you are currently on an acne medication, we recommend you consulting your doctor before using any skincare products while on acne medication.

After our 3 weeks skin-reset you can choose your perfect skincare routine.
- Either repeat the Boost Series for 3 more weeks
- Or build your personalized skincare routine based on your specific skin concern and needs, you can have a virtual consultation with Simon’s Avatar here

Our dream team EGF Lifting Duo is all you need.
This phenomenal instant sculpting and advanced repair duo has a powerful combination of innovative formulas that actively slow-down signs of aging and give you an instant face lift.

MDO Boost Serie products (Ampoules concentrate and moisturizer), the cleanser, the serum can be use as part of your daily routine am or pm.
For specific information about a particular product please check out the dedicated page.

We recommend using the exfoliant once a week.

MDO by Simon Ourian M.D. product can be combined as part of your personalized skincare routine

A complete skincare routine will contain
1. A Cleanser
2. Eye cream (coming soon)
3. Specific product to treat your main concern* (e.g., wrinkles, uneven tone, pigmentation, dark spots, oily, acne prone skin)
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer

Examples of products to treat specific concerns are:
Vitamin C ampoules ‹ Perfect to treat pigmentation, dark spots, uneven tone and dull skin
Hyaluronic filler ampoules ‹ natural filler treatment, designed to reduce size, depth and volume of lines & wrinkles
EFG ampoules ‹ our contouring and lifting solution that activates skin's natural repair processes
Exfoliant ‹ Instant Pore Refining, an innovative chemical peel which gently removes dead skin, resurfacing more even and glowing skin.

Product Characteristics

Our products are manufactured in Germany.

Yes, all our products are vegan.

No, our products are cruelty-free.

No, our products are sulfate-free.

All MDO by Simon Ourian Products are nuts free, except our Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, we have chosen to use Macadamia Nuts due to its skin regenerative properties.

The ingredient list (INCI) can be found on each dedicated product page below the Product Information Header.

Shipping & Returns

Our products are shipped free of charge and are currently available in the following countries:
DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
Selected EU (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland)
Total US (United States)
Other regions in planning, please contact our customer service for further information on shipping conditions.

Our orders are shipped through our logistics partner DHL and you can expect the following timings:
1-2 business days for shipping to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
5-10 business days for shipping to France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland
10-21 business day for shipping to the US (United States)

We want you to be satisfied with the products you purchase. If a return of your purchase is required, you may arrange an exchange or return within 14 days of receipt of the order. For more information, read here.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to track the package.
Remember that the carrier delivers between Monday and Friday during normal business hours and requires a signature on delivery.
If an order cannot be delivered because you were not present at the first delivery attempt, the driver will leave a notification card. DHL will then try to deliver the shipment two more times. If a delivery is not successful, a notification will be left in your mailbox so that you can pick up your shipment at the location indicated on the notification card.
You can also arrange another delivery date at www.dhl.de/nochmal-zustellen.
Our customer service is always informed of the delivery status and will notify the recipient accordingly.
In case of loss of an item or if it arrives damaged, please notify our customer service team immediately.

What are your shipping costs and how much do they cost?
Our products are shipped free of charge through our logistics partner DHL.

Our products are shipped free of charge through our logistics partner DHL.

No at the moment. However, we are working on this alternative to shipping to offer you all options possible.

Consultant & Affiliate

MDO Skinclub Consultant is a business opportunity program for Influencers in which MDO
Cosmetic Dermatology GmbH agreed to paid commission for the sales of MDO Products.

You can join MDO Skinclub Consultant by signing up at www.mdo-skin.us/pages/affiliates
and following the prompts to register. In order to sign-up, you must provide your full name,
email address, and any other information requested on the Site. In addition to creating the
Affiliate Account on the MDO Site you need to have an account on Stripe for all
transactional and financial actions.
Please be aware that Stripe is the individual controller of the data that you insert on the
website of Stripe and will be your contractual partner

You must be 18 years of age or older.

20% commission of our revenue from customers that you refer excluding taxes, delivery, etc.
paid in 45 days. The referral fee will be credited to your Stripe Account once the customer pays
for their purchase. Referral fees are only earned if a customer makes a payment in full. You are
responsible to inform the customer about the referral fee in case this is necessary under
applicable laws.
Access to Dr. Simon Ourian trying material and the opportunity to participate in MDO Skinlab
(Live sessions) to discuss all things beauty and skincare with Dr. Simon Ourian.

Yes, MDO Cosmetic Dermatology GmbH will provide marketing tools that can be used
within the link to promote MDO products.

No, you may not modify these images in any way. MDO Cosmetic Dermatology GmbH
reserves the right to change the images at any time without notice.

No. Products received as a reward (e.g., birthday gift, free full-size products, etc.) through
MDO Skinclub Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged for money or any other products
or points.

Yes, Either you or MDO Cosmetic Dermatology GmbH may terminate this Agreement at
any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party notice of termination. Notice by
email, to your address on our records, is considered sufficient notice to terminate this
Agreement. If you intend to terminate, please send an email to the following address

If you cancel the agreement, the unpaid/pending commissions will be paid as usual with 45
days and after that your account will be delated.
If the agreement is cancel or terminated due to fraudulent activities MDO Cosmetic
Dermatology GmbH reserves the right to disqualify referral fees earned through fraudulent,
illegal, or overly aggressive, questionable sales or marketing methods or in violation of
applicable laws.

You can reset your password on www.mdo-skin.us/pages/affiliates by selecting ‘Forgot My
Password’ at the login page.